How Prolotherapy Can Help Alleviate Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain

As the baby boomer generation proceeds into retirement in better health than their ancestors, it’s only natural that wear-and-tear health issues like osteoarthritis become a more frequent concern. Chronic pain resulting from joint deterioration and sore muscles can rob the mobility that active adults expect.

Since there’s often no cure for degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis, pain management can include drugs that carry side effects and dependency issues, yet you may be years away from joint replacement or other surgical interventions. Artius Medical Clinic offers a natural, drug-free injection treatment called prolotherapy that can be customized to your condition, providing risk-free pain relief for many chronic conditions.

Prolotherapy defined

Usually, the best treatment for any injury and disease is your body’s own natural healing mechanisms. In the case of a degenerative condition, the rate of decline proceeds faster than your body can repair the damage. The term “prolotherapy” is short for “proliferative therapy,” revealing the intent of the treatment. These injections are meant to aid and assist your body’s healing systems to work more quickly, to proliferate new tissue needed for healing.

Prolotherapy and inflammatory response

Ligaments, tendons, and cartilage all suffer through degenerative conditions, destabilizing joints, and irritating muscles — factors that contribute to chronic pain. The basis of prolotherapy is twofold, to both aid a healing inflammatory response and to add necessary resources so that your body’s healing systems can work faster. As damaged connective tissue recovers, joints become more stable and muscles less irritated, reducing the amount of pain you experience.

Components of a prolotherapy treatment

Unlike treatments such as corticosteroid injections, prolotherapy isn’t comprised of a single active ingredient. In fact, your injection can be formulated specifically for you by the prolotherapy experts at Artius Medical Clinic. Common components of prolotherapy injections include saline solution, dextrose, and sarapin.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells are also finding increased acceptance throughout the regenerative therapy field, since these are vital components of natural healing, and each can be sourced from your own body, eliminating any chance of biocompatibility complications. Finally, common and safe anesthetics like lidocaine and procaine may be added to increase short-term pain relief.

Prolotherapy treatment targets

Prolotherapy may be a suitable treatment for you if you have chronic pain in any of the following areas:

Every patient can respond differently to prolotherapy, so the frequency and length of treatment can vary widely. Some patients see reductions in pain, rather than complete elimination, reducing the amount of analgesic drugs necessary to manage their condition. Since maintaining activity levels is often critical to slow or stop the progression of conditions such as osteoarthritis, managing pain with prolotherapy is part of a healthy arthritis management plan.

Contact Artius Medical Clinic today, by phone or online, to schedule your initial consultation to learn more about prolotherapy, its options, and how it can help you with a chronic pain condition. 

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