Why SculpSure® Has Such a High Satisfaction Rate

Achieving a healthy weight is a huge accomplishment, but the numbers on the scale don’t always reflect the body you imagined. Your body has its own pattern of weight loss – some areas slim more readily than others. With SculpSure, you have greater control over the process.

Here at Artius Medical Clinic, we want our patients in Great Falls, Virginia, to look and feel their best. When you feel confident on the outside, you radiate health: It’s the ultimate win-win scenario, and we can help with SculpSure.

Read on to learn how nonsurgical SculpSure system works to boost your body confidence.

Stubborn fat

Your body likes to hold onto fat, which it views as a reliable source of energy if food becomes scarce. Where you carry, and lose, fat is dictated by forces that are well beyond your control, which is what can make any weight loss journey so frustrating.

Men and women operate differently when it comes to body fat, as the genders are under entirely different biological directives. Women’s hormones make it so the carry fat in the lower body, particularly the pelvis, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

Men, however, are more likely to have slim legs and store most extra fat in their tummies.  

This means that when you embark on a weight loss program, you don’t choose where to shed the pounds; your body does. No matter what you eat or how much you spot train with exercise, you cannot tell your body where to lose fat.

Controlled fat loss

SculpSure bypasses your body’s natural proclivity to hold fat in specific areas. You decide where you want treatment and our team directs the laser energy of SculpSure to those sections to destroy unwanted fat cells.

SculpSure energy penetrates your outer layer of skin and disrupts the integrity of the fat cells that lie beneath. The fat cells cannot survive and, as a result, are evacuated through your body’s natural processes.

You endure no incisions, injections, or blood loss.

With SculpSure, once the technology destroys the fat cells in your target area, they’re gone for good. As an adult, you have a set number of fat cells, which expand and contract according to your diet and exercise habits. When you gain weight, the number of fat cells don’t increase; the existing ones simply swell.

With SculpSure, we can destroy up to 24% of fat cells in your treatment areas, and they don’t regenerate. You maintain slimming SculpSure results as long as you don’t gain notable weight causing other fat cells to plump.

Simple process

For most of our patients, we recommend 2-5 SculpSure treatments, which we space out by several weeks to allow time for your body to flush out the destroyed fat cells and for your skin to resettle itself. Our expert team develops a customized plan that meets your aesthetic goals.

The treatments themselves take only 30 minutes or so, and there’s no downtime afterward. This means you can go back to work, school, or even workouts following SculpSure sessions.

SculpSure brings about gradual results, you notice a change within 6 weeks and optimal results 12 weeks after your final treatment.

We don’t recommend SculpSure for comprehensive weight loss, however. The best candidates are those that are already close to their normal weight, with a body mass index of 30 or below. SculpSure refines your body most effectively when you have pockets of stubborn fat to lose.

To get started on a physique you can’t wait to show off, call our office or book an appointment using this website.

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