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Patient Testimonials


Let Our Patients Speak for Us


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Patient Testimonials


"I saw Dr. Babcock after almost two years of mainstream specialists and therapists, none of whom could determine exactly why I wasn’t healing from a car accident. In five minutes, she figured it out and got me on the path to healing. Truly a miracle for which I will be forever grateful. Living in pain is draining mentally, physically, spiritually. Happy to say I am finally pain-free. Dr. Babcock is thorough, caring, resourceful, and explains things well—all of which is a rare combo to find among doctors. Oh, and she is a full DO, but also embraces alternative and cutting-edge methodologies (like diet, etc.) to truly get to the bottom of a problem rather than just putting a band-aid on stuff. If you’re in pain, stop wasting your time with other doctors, and just come here to get fixed! Wishing you all the best in your healing journey!" 

"Dr. Babcock changed my life last September. Within minutes of meeting her, my husband and I knew that she was the answer to my health problems. She is open minded and has a multitude of solutions at her fingertips. She consistently has an upbeat personality, which helps the patient calm down and listen to the options she is recommending. Her "world" of alternative solutions is a list of everything your doctor HASN'T told you. Dr. Babcock has a personal connection with all her patients. She doesn't TELL the patient what they will do, she works with you and treats you how you deserve to be treated - not a block of ten minutes where big words are used and nothing makes sense. Do yourself a favor and see Dr. Babcock ASAP! She changed my life, and she will change yours!"

"Dr Babcock always knows the right questions to ask and she follows through on her recommendations. She is compassionate, thorough and resourceful. It is a pleasure being her patient and I always feel better when I leave her office." 

- Jennifer S.

 "I was so happy with the time and details she took with me reviewing tests and results." 

- Willow B.

 "Dr Babcock takes care of my whole family. My mom and sisters and I all have Ehlers Danlos syndrome and Dr B has been helping us for years control our symptoms and live our best lives without surgery." 

- Ayleda B.

 "I always have a great time at this doctor's office." 

- Charles A.

 "I felt like I was around a group of people that really cared for me and valued my own time completely. Excellent experience." 

 -Robert P.

 "Dr Babock takes the time to really listen and go from there. Treatments go from your discussions on what is working and what doesn’t. You’re not just pushed through like some places where they have to make sure they see so many patients a day." 

- Christine C.

 "Dr. Babcock is the best doctor out there. She listens, has great bedside manner and is incredibly smart. She figured out

things that ten Doctors over seven years didn’t even think to look for. I can’t say enough about her and her team!" 

- Christina F.

 "IV infusion done with care and skill." 

- Alfred W.

 "Dr. Babcock is ALWAYS very caring! Listens to all my concerns throughly." 

- Aimee M.  

 "Dr Babcock always listens and is very caring!" 

- Jason M.

 "Very good. Showed real concern and sympathy for my condition." 

- Lonnie C.  

 "Great Experience! My life has changed since I placed it in Dr. Babcock's care. Not only is she knowledgeable in her practice of care, but she has the best bedside manner a patient can ask of a practitioner. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Dr. Babcock's holistic regimen has helped me deal with this painful symptom, and now everything else that arises that affects my body. Dr. Babcock, I THANK you and your fantastic team for creating a safe, holistic space for me to heal!" 

- Anna B.  

 "I followed Dr. Babcock from the pain clinic at which she had formerly practiced to her own clinic. The choice was simple, as she was the only reason I had attended the other clinic. The vast array of techniques and procedures with which she is familiar and employees in her practice virtually assures that she will find the proper fit for every suffering individual. I honestly don't know where I would be without her and her knowledgeable, competent, and courteous staff. I am grateful for having found this physician." 

- Bryan H.  

 "Ya’ll Dr. B is the real deal. I have felt terrible for years, deemed cancer free by specialists but no other thoughts on how to treat my body or symptoms. My first appointment she sat and listened to me. About my struggle with weight, blood tests that are constantly off, exhaustion... and more. She immediately got a plan set up for answers. I’m feeling somewhat better already. When I left her office the first time I almost started crying because she believed my symptoms AND my blood work. Not just going “ehh it’s only slightly off, sorry you feel terrible”. I’m confident in her team. Did I mention her front desk staff is top notch!? Just be ready to be open and listen to her suggestions, she legit wants to help you. I have never encountered that before and I have a pretty good primary care doc." 

- Miranda L. 

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