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Great for increasing energy and feeling younger. NAD has also been shown to be a potent anti-oxidant, repairing damaged DNA. In addition to increasing ATP production in cells (producing energy), NAD has also been able to increase happy neurotransmiters in your brain to produce a calming effect. 

Need immune support before travel or before a stressful work deadline? This may be just the infusion you need to sheild you from opportunistic bugs or viruses.

For that extra, extra immune support and increased oxygenation to support circulation, this is Dr Babcock's personal favorite for health maintenance.

Flared your back after doing too much yardwork or playing sports? Suffering from migraines or tenson headaches? This IV can prevent headaches from getting debilitating, relax any bad muscle spasms or cramps, AND can help

with PMS pain too.

Great for nerve pain and tingling. Best results are felt after a

series of 4 once weekly.

Helps with brain fog and headaches after concussions or in cases

of chronic fatigue.

Need we say more? Also good for migraines and tension headaches.

Brightens Skin and helps complexion. Try a series of 8 and

really see the difference!

Training for an endurance event or tournament? Or just wanting to recover faster? This infusion can help shorten your recovery time and get you

back in your game.

Feel free to book a telemedicine or in person appointment with one of our providers to see which infusion is best for you based on your symptoms

and lab results.


*Iron infusions are also available.

Zing Buster / Soothe Nerve Pain
(ALA + B12 + D5W)

Energy & Focus
(Glutathione + B12) 

Hangover / Migraine Relief
(B Complex + Glutathione + Mg)

Get Glowing
(Biotin + Vit C + Glutathione)

(Procaine + Extra Vit C + Mg)

Custom Infusions

Restore Vitality 
(NAD + Vitamins)

Go Shield
(Myers Cocktail + Extra Vit C)

Purifier / O2 Boost
(Myers + MAH)

Less Stress / Anti-inflamatory
(Mg + Ketorolac)

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