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Artius Integrative Medicine is pleased to partner with ZytoMed, Inc. to offer the cutting edge DNA Health Test to expand our diagnostic testing options for the benefit of our patients. The mission of ZytoMed, Inc. is the early detection of preventable and life-threatening diseases by giving the customer a comprehensive health profile through comprehensive genome analysis and follow-on checkups.

Why genetic testing?

Genetic testing looks at abnormal/high risks in a person’s genetics. Many diseases are inherited. Our program performs DNA Genetic Testing and DNA Analysis to detect these diseases in their early stages.

Why genetic testing is important?

Genetic testing gives you a chance to prevent or minimize diseases through early detection. By creating your individualized DNA Health Map, we are able to provide you with the insights into your DNA Health to provide you with a current assessment of where you are and courses of action to help you get to the level of health that you would like to achieve.

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

Genetic testing can create a personalized disease screening program based on individual risks. If you already have the disease(s), it can help to develop the most effective treatment plan. By using your DNA Sequence Data we partner with you to help you understand how you came to be in your current health status, help develop your individualized treatment plan, and then we also conduct follow on consultations to guide you to achieving your health goals.

Is my testing data secure?

Any of your remaining samples will be destroyed after testing. Your DNA results are secure and will not be shared with any government agencies or companies.

How is the DNA Health Map different from other DNA tests?

DNA Health Map is the only service that is able to provide a customer with a truly comprehensive analysis of all 20,000 human genes and 16,000 known diseases for the early detection of health threats.

Knowledge is power. Know your legacy. Order your DNA Health Map today!

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